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The climate questions are far from being settled, neither in their causes and effects, nor regarding actions to be taken, or not.

Climate changes all the time since the earth exists, and we are afraid of all changes.

Exposed to an avalanche of informations and of authorities telling me what I should think and do, I preferred to take the time to understand what it is about, and to forge my own opinion. I propose it in full independance and with rigor. Anyone wanting to verify my case can do so, at the cost of some effort and attention. Others are kindly asked to trust me, and to share my views.
Please have an in depth look at it, it's not conventional, and not banal.

If this exercise contributes enlightening others, it will have served more than once.

a summary in 10 slides, and
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right arrow Facts

Physical parameters describing the climate are similar to those used to characterize the current weather, but their evolution must be observed over a much longer period of time, centuries and millennia. Statistical analysis of long time series is required to determine if variations tend to a significant change.

right arrow Phenomena

To begin understanding how the various parameters interact with each other, one needs to revert to established laws of physics and chemistry, or to propose new ones if sufficient evidence allows to do so.
For climate studies, most have to deal with heat and mass transfers, and with electromagnetic radiations.

right arrow Modelling

The climate systems are chaotic, non-linear, and highly intertwined. Such highly complex systems cannot be solved by a proper combination of all relevant physical equations.
With models, an approximation of reality is sought that enables testing various scenarios. However, they should not be misused to produce in silico fictions.

right arrow Development

Since agriculture was established at the beginning of the Holocene, human societies have achieved remarkable developments.
The fact that we are not satisfied with the current situation is a vital sign, indicating that further progresses are in high demand.


right arrow Environment

The awareness about pollution and the safety of our environment rose in parallel with industrial and economic development, and urbanisation.
While solutions exist, a lot of challenges remain, mostly at local or regional level.

right arrow The climate issue

The climate dispute turns around the global warming theory that is based on four arguments: global warming is taking place, emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases explain it, their increased concentration in the atmosphere is overwhelmingly caused by human activities, and this will have catastrophic consequences for life on Earth.

right arrow Politics & Policies

Two philosophical concepts are in opposition in the political debate about environmental issues, in particular the climate, and for the choice of appropriate policies.
One is based on an ideal world to restore or to build, and the other one is that of an open society refusing the absoluteness of such idealized concepts, and preferring piecemeal approaches.

right arrow My heretic view

My personal position is neither warmist nor sceptic.
I have no fundamental doubts about observations and underlying phenomena. But some prophecies are not plausible, and there is a strong mismatch between the resilience shown by the climatic systems and the call for a general mobilisation against any variation.
My conviction is that the issue is not about a few degrees, but rather about taking hostage the whole humanity to accomplish an ideological purpose.

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